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Synchro-Start Auto Crank Module

This compact, rugged module is ideally suited for applica­tion on stationary and portable engine driven generators, compressors, pumps, etc. which utilize a remote signal for automatic starting.

The Auto Crank Module (ACM) will provide 1 to 5 crank cycles which are adjustable in terms of crank/rest time. lf the preset number of crank cycles is exceeded, a built-in indicator light is illuminated and further cranking is prevented until the system is reset.

The Auto Crank has been designed to function with either the Synchro-Start Engine Protection System (EPS) or Speed Switch. When combined, the two units economically provide a braad range of starting, monitoring, diagnostic and protective capabilities.

The Synchro-Start ACM is no longer manufactured. Nowadays, Coltrading has an ACM retrofit kit available in 12 and 24 Vdc.

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SA-3227The original manufacturer discontinued the Auto Crank Module. Coltrading (CTE supplies a drop-in retrofit Auto …

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