Woodward L-Series LC-50

The Woodward L-Series LC-50 controls are designed for various industrial applications, including generator sets, welders, portable refrigeration units, irrigation pumps, chipper shredders, and mobile industrial gas or gasoline reciprocating engines. The L-Series LC-50 provide a building block approach to total engine management. The modular design consist of a die-cast aluminum throttle body, a mixer, and a fully programmable controller, and bi-directional actuator. The L-Series LC-50 incorporates the Woodward L-Series control with a throttle plate and a venturi-style annular ring mixer. Apart from the hardware variant of the Woodward L-series, the L-series comes in three variants in terms of control logic:
  • Speed Control (accepting a MPU or ignition system pulse)
  • Position Control (accepting a PWM or 0-5 V position command)
  • Process Control (accepting a process signal, e.g. O2 or pressure)
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