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DYN1-100XX Controllers

The actuator-mounted controllers for the DYNA PLUS series are all solid state design that measures three parameters to provide precise engine control. Separate circuits measure the proportional (amount of offspeed), integral (time of offspeed) and derivative (rate of change of offspeed) values. These three circuits provide control that results in fast, stable engine response to offspeed changes and precise speed regulation.

To provide a governing system, these controllers must be used with a DYNA PLUS actuator.

The DYNA PLUS controllers are available in two form factors.

  • Panel-mounted; or
  • Actuator-mounted.

If a panel-mounted controller is preferred, the actuator-mounted controllers can be replaced using wiring harness DYNK-123 which fits directly to the DYNA PLUS actuator and enables a direct connection between the DYNA PLUS actuator and the panel-mounted controller.

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Speed Controller 24V

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Speed controller 24V

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Wiring harness for DYNA PLUS actuator

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Remote speed potentiometer for DYN1

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