Barber Colman

Barber Colman’s diesel and gas engine control division was started in 1973 and acquired by Woodward Inc. in 2003. Ever since, Coltrading (CTE cooperates independently with the original manufacturers of Barber Colman DYNA products to ensure continued supply of these legacy Barber Colman products.

As Point of Excellence for DYNA small and medium size engine controls, Coltrading (CTE has over 20 years of product- and application experience on (former) Barber Colman DYNA engine control systems. DYNA products are mainly used to electronically control off-highway diesel and gas engines, mobile industrial equipment and steam or water turbines. The systems are also used in remote positioning and load control systems.

We are committed to continue to supply the complete range of:

  • Actuators 70025 / 2000 / 8000 series and the +1 / +2 / +4 / +6 (DYNC)
  • Electronic speed controllers (DYNA / DYN1)
  • Speed cables and special linkage components (DYNZ / DYNK)
  • Magnetic speed sensors (DYNT)
  • Installation and connector kits (DYNZ / DYNK)

Nowadays, for most parts we perform the final assembly in-house, as close to our customers as possible, to ensure the fastest possible lead times and greatest product availability. Therefore, Coltrading (CTE can provide you with anything from complete engine control packages to individual (replacement) components.

We understand the Barber Colman product numbers can be confusing due to the changes over time. Sometimes, it therefore may seem as if products are obsolete, while it is more than often just an old part number used. Luckily, we maintain a comprehensive Technical Database, with part number, engine and application information with which we can identify the system you need and/or offer an equivalent alternative. So do not hesitate to contact us with your application requirements or (old) part numbers.