Woodward TQ-125 Control System

The TQ-125 control is an integrated speed control and actuator packaged in a small engineering plastic case. The system is designed for applications with high speed engines that require a 0.34 Nm actuator to operate the fuel system.

The TQ-125 control system is a simple speed control which, upon start, brings the engine to rated speed and maintains isochronous single engine speed.

The TQ-125 unit controls diesel, gas, or gasoline engines with 4, 6, or 8 cylinders. Potentiometers are accessible for gain, stability, and speed trim. Dual fuel applications are addressed with dual dynamics external switch and separate potentiometers for gain and stability.

Nowadays, the TQ-125 is no longer manufactured and Coltrading offers the Woodward L-series speed controller retrofit kit. The kit is used as a functional replacement for the TQ-125 Speed Control. Furthermore, the new L-Series speed control was designed with many new features and functions that are not yet built into the TQ-125.

Retrofit kit 8923-1163 contains all the necessary hardware to convert the hardware. The Setup Tool Lseries CTE-III is needed to perform the calibration on the engine via USB connection.

PDF ST-125 Retrofit
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