Synchro-Start protection and control systems already have been around since 1932. In the 1980’s Coltrading (CTE was appointed their distributor in Europe. In 2003, Woodward Inc. acquired Synchro-Start Products Inc. and Coltrading (CTE continued as Channel Partner for the EMEA region for their engine control systems.

A lot has changed in the last decade, but we can proudly inform you that we’re still able to provide almost all original Synchro-Start engine control products. As we’ve continuously committed to the product, we are currently the most knowledgeable partner for Synchro-Start products (probably worldwide). We cooperate independently with the original manufacturers of Synchro-Start products to maintain the availability of their:

  • DC Solenoids
  • Shutdown kits
  • Proportional actuators (APECS)
  • Electronic speed controllers (APECS / ESSD / ESSC / ESSD / ESSE)
  • Mechanical Speed switches (GA / GB / GH / GJ / GO / GR / GS / GW / GY)
  • Magnetic speed sensors
  • Mechanical speed sensors (Mini-Gen)
  • Linkage materials and installation kits

Specifically for the Synchro-Start solenoids and APECS actuators, we operate our own solenoid and actuator assembly facility.

We can imagine you’re unsure if a Synchro-Start product is still available. In our experience it probably is immediately available, we have a superseding product, or we can manufacture it specifically to your design requirements in both high and low volumes. So please do not hesitate to contact us.