For over 30 years Coltrading (CTE is Bayham support and supply partner for the Mobile and Industrial market. Coltrading (CTE provides customized and CTE-standard fluid measurement and control devices, mainly in Europe. In its capacity as product expert, Coltrading (CTE assists and supports tank OEM’s and service companies in their design decisions, the purchase, and finally the supply of the tank gauges and/or level switches.

Bayham is most renowned for their high quality, proven reliable, mechanical tank content gauges and level-switches for both static and mobile liquid tanks. However, today, Bayham also manufactures electronical measurement devices and internet-based remote monitoring and data recording systems. All devices are eighter CTE-standard or made to end-user specification. All devices are carefully calibrated and tested.

Bayham gauges and level-switches are typically used in mobile and industrial liquid storage tank applications such as:

  • Gen-sets
  • Off-shore and marine
  • Rail
  • Aircraft refuellers
  • LPG and liquified gas storages

Coltrading (CTE can supply standard stock gauges with adjustable length float arms. However, best-practice remains to custom manufacture for the intended application to suit the tank size, its shape, and its contents. With over 30 years of experience, Coltrading (CTE can assist and advise you in making the necessary design decisions towards the optimal, most suited gauge or switch for your application. If you have a Bayham gauge or level-switch system already installed, we can supply spare parts or a direct replacement for (end-of-life) customized gauges. In some cases, even light overhaul at our facility is an economical solution.